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Have you even ran into a situation where you wanted to run the latest Cura Slicer, only to get a OpenGL error? Here you find a solution.


OpenGL is usually supported by the driver of your graphics adapter. There is no software emulation for it, so is being told.

If you have a computer that has a grapics adapter that does not support OpenGL, you use a Video docking station, access your computer via ‘Remote Desktop’ or run your client as a ‘Virtual Machine’, you may run into the situation that you can not run the Ultimaker Cura of your choice.

Earlier versions of Ultimaker Cura did not use OpenGL, only starting with version 5 this is the case. Unfortunately there is no ‘magic driver’ for OpenGL to emulate this capability. You may buy a graphics adapter that does support OpenGL, but then there are situations where this is not helping you.

Read-on! this may be a workaround for you.

About the author

The information in this instruction is compiled from several public sources by a 3D-printing hobbyist on 3dprintforum.eu. This information is free for you to use at your own risk with no warranty whatsoever. If you find this instruction helpful, you are invited to make a donation: next time, buy an extra beer for your friends.

I am using Fusion 360 for design and Ultimaker Cura as a slicer and are always happy to see comments on my work.

Procedure 1 - Reproduce the phenomenon





Ultimaker Cura 4.x is installed on your PC and Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0 is not installed on your PC.

Start Ultimaker 4.x. Observe that it starts without any trouble.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html c4e7f0786174b8a8.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html c51ffd88c366001c.png


Download Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0

Install it. Follow the standard procedure. Check that Ultimake Cura 5.3.0 is installed.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html e17ca99a6501866b.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 68b4093ff336712e.png


Start Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0 from the Windows Start menu.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 4876b6cd11d3f110.png


Observe the error message:

“Could not probe OpenGL. This program requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher. Please check your video card drivers.”

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 109a6f5c5663ad21.png

Procedure 2 - Download & Install “Windows ADK”

Step Action Screenshot

Windows ADK is the Microsoft “Assessment and Deployment Kit”. Download it from microsoft.com.

Make sure you download the one matching your Windows version.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 91f0a2ac60ab83ac.png


Install the Kit.

For this purpose, only install the “Application Compatibility Tools”.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 845e572653b5038b.png


Complete the installation and reboot your PC.


Start the ADK via:

Start > Programs > Windows Kits > Windows ADK > Application Compatibility Toolkit > Developer and Tester Tools > Compatibility Administrator (64-bits)

Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0 is a x64 application, so we’ll be using the 64-bit version of the ADK.

Observe that the Compatibility Administrator (64-bits) opens at the <New Database> tree item.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 6d071a68539c07e.png

Procedure 3 – Create & Install the fix

Step Action Screenshot
1 This same procedure could be used for other application exhibiting the same phenomenon, but that is totally up to you.

Start the ADK (see step 4 of Procedure 2 above).

The “Compatibility Administrator (64-bit)” is shown.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 6d071a68539c07e.png


In the left pane, under <Custom Databases>, select <New Database>.

Right-click > Create New > Application Fix.

Note: In some cases I could not use the Right-click, but had to use the Menu functions instead. The result is the same.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 70263fee2d75bebb.png


The panel “Create new Application Fix” is displayed. Here you specify:

Program name: Cura5

Vendor name: Ultimaker

With the <Browse> button navigate to the folder where your Cura 5.3.0 is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0).

Select the executable “Ultimaker-Cura.exe” and click <Open> in the navigation window. The navigation window closes.

Click <Next> in the panel “Create new Application Fix”.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 745a4edc5f9af3cb.png


The panel “Compatibility Modes” appears.

No settings required here.

Click <Next>.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 374a4962123435e.png


The panel “Compatibility Fixes” appears.

Scroll down and check the item “Win81RTMVersionLie”

Click the button <Parameters>

The panel “Options for Win81RTMVersionLie” appears.

In the panel “Options for Win81RTMVersionLie”, in the field “Module name” enter “ig4icd64.dll”, click <Add>.

Observe that the module name appears in the list. Click <OK>.

The panel “Options for Win81RTMVersionLie” closes.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 2955287f7cecd52d.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 31092780fa33a183.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 912dca4404bf3b1c.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html b3f910b8ce10651e.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 29fea344d60d7393.png


In the panel “Compatibility Fixes”, click <Next>.

Leave everything un-selected and click <Finish>.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 7d6ab4718a3b2c46.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 94a13b31c39f2423.png


You are now back into the “Compatibility Administrator (64-bit).

Observe that “Cura5” is now displayed under the <New Database> tag as an “Application”.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 121f45326c1a0484.png


Click the <Save> icon, the panel “Database Name” appears.

In the “Database Name” panel, enter the name “Cura5-x64”.

Note: This is the name your fix is being shown as “Installed” un the panel "Programs and Features" later.

Click <OK>. The “Database Name” panel closes.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html b60c08c6aa405622.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html b313d1f966acb6ba.png


A ‘sdb’ file is stored into the directory where also the Cura 5.3.0 is installed.

Enter the name “Ultimaker-Cura.sdb” and click <Save>.

This file is only used for when you want to re-install your fix.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 42cb5c4569da81dc.png


Observe that in the “Compatibility Administrator (64-bit) the items “Cura5-x64” is displayed.

Right-click and click <Install>.

The message “The database ‘Cura5-x64’ was successfully installed” is shown.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 529886481132b1ea.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html d21a52474140b014.png

Procedure 4 – Demonstrate the fix

Step Action Screenshot

Open the configuration panel “Programs and Features”

Observe that the fix “Cura5-x64” is installed.

Observe that Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0 is installed.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 2c3d4daf4d67066.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 68b4093ff336712e.png


Start Ultimaker Cura 5.3.0 from the Start menu.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 4876b6cd11d3f110.png


Observe that Ultimaker Cura application opens and no error message is displayed.

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 4dcf0156f673ead1.png

Ultimaker Cura Fix html 1217e59d5bf4d53f.png


You are ready to go. Happy slicing!


If you install another version of Ultimaker Cura in the future, you may need to repeat this procedure.


You can remove the fix by uninstalling the fix "Cura5-64" via Control Panel > Programs and Features.